jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Nanotech roundup: turning seawater into drinking water, and body power

This month's roundup includes the promise of a filter that extracts salt from seawater, and a battery powered by the heart

Graphene, the sheet of carbon just one atom thick, has already featured a few times on this blog thanks to its unique promise for many applications.

The researchers will try out ways to prevent the swelling, so that the nanochannels are so small that they block small ions while water still flows through quickly: a perfect filter for removing salt from water.

Graphene, which has ultra-efficient electronic properties, seems an ideal candidate for transistors in fast, wireless circuits, which convert radio-frequency signals into electrical currents.

Now researchers from Wuhan, China, have used nanoparticles to reveal the merest smudge of a print, even on difficult surfaces such as plastic and coins.


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